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You'll pick this one up as you follow along the walkthrough. Head into the first room and kill the Banana Boy and his big brother, the Strongarm, for two Blue Gems. Continue up the steps and kill the next two Strongarms to collect a Green and Blue Gem, then continue onto the balcony and kill the two Banana Boys for their Blue and Green Gems.

Kill the two Strongarms in the lower area for a Gold and Blue Gem, ignore the Strong Chest, and hop up the steps, picking up three Red Gems along the way. Go down the Supercharge ramp and jump off the top, making a hard right. Land on the balcony where the first Strongarm was on this island and down to the lower area where you can smash the Strong Chest to get its Gold Gem. As a heads up, when you go off the next Supercharge ramp, there will be a Sealed Chest in the landing zone you can only break while Supercharging.

Charge down the ramp, jump off the lip like Isaak suggested to fly to Island A2, then bash through the Sealed Chest to collect its Gold Gem. Leap off of the ramp to travel from Island A2 to A3. Glide over to it and look for the Whirlwind on your left as you walk up; take it to return to the starting point.

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Go up the steps in the first room again and look for the two windows on your left; jump through the right-hand one to land on a walkway, the start of Path B. Likewise, fire is capable of defeating larger enemies, but can be blocked by enemies that use metal armor. Spyro is also able to glide whilst jumping to reach new areas, with some levels allowing him to fly freely in the air. Spyro's health is represented by the color of his dragonfly partner, Sparx, who also helps him pick up nearby treasure.

Taking damage will cause Sparx to lose his color and disappear, leaving Spyro vulnerable, but he can recover health by eating butterflies spawned from defeating small animals.

Various treasure can be found in various areas, including inside treasure chests, some of which require certain techniques to break open, or earned by defeating enemies. Enemies that have already had their gems retrieved upon revisiting areas will instead release orbs that can be collected towards earning extra lives.

In order to progress to the next hub world, the player needs to fulfill the goal required by the balloonist in each world, such as a certain amount of treasure, rescued dragons, or dragon eggs. Most worlds contain dragons encased in stone, which can be rescued by touching them. Some of these dragons offer hints, and their platforms can be used to save the game.

Eggs are in the possession of speedy blue thieves that must be chased down and defeated in order to recover them. In order to beat the game, the player must travel to the final homeworld, enter Gnasty Gnorc's lair, and defeat him.

Upon Gnasty's defeat the player is presented with a closing cinematic and credits, then the player may now go to all worlds and realms in order to obtain each gem, egg, and release each dragon. Plot[ edit ] During the intro, a news team sets up an interview with a couple of dragons within the Artisan World, one of five realms in the Dragon Kingdom the other worlds of which include Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers which have lived in harmony for years.

When the reporter asks about Gnasty Gnorc, a gnorc half gnome and half orc who lives within his own, sixth realm, one of the dragons cockily describes him as an ugly, simple minded creature who poses no threat to the Dragon Kingdom.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Gnasty is watching the live feed from his home world and, enraged by the insults, uses a magic spell to encase all dragons in crystal and sends out his hordes of gnorc soldiers to conquer the Dragon Kingdom.

Spyro The Dragon (Reignited) 120% Guide MISTY BOG (ALL GEMS, EGGS, DRAGONS...)

One dragon, Spyrois able to avoid the attack due to his more short-bodied appearance in comparison to the much larger dragons. He visits each of the dragon realms in sequence, freeing trapped dragons, collecting treasure, and rescuing dragon eggs from pesky thieves within each realms' portal worlds before facing the realms' bosses. He then makes his way to Gnasty's World where he fights his way through two precursor portals before confronting the Gnorc leader himself.

After he defeats Gnasty, an ending clip shows him back in Artisan World discussing his victory with the news reporters. Spyro's last statement is, "Here we go again. Although Disruptor was critically lauded, it was not successful financially; however, the game's praise was enough to impress Universal Interactive Studios and encourage the team to continue with their next endeavor.

After considering the name "Pyro," which was ultimately considered "too mature", they finally settled on "Spyro.

The two developers would frequently work together, playing early builds of each other's games and later going on to share game technology.