Dating site for dog walkers

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dating site for dog walkers

KELLY Rose Bradford signs up to a dating website for dog owners in the Lots of people sign up simply looking for friendship and dog-walking. A new app called Bark'N'Borrow allows people to search for dogs to borrow or simply walk in their You can also check a dog's profile just like on a dating site. Dating site dogs - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time have been a new dating service was only fell in touch with our dog walkers?.

dating site for dog walkers

There are plenty of places to go if you're feeling lonely and want to meet people, but what if it's your dog that's feeling lonely? What if Rover wants to make some new dog buddies to chase sticks in the park with, or Fido wants to find that special someone with whom he can share long, tail-wagging beachside walks?

Here's a screengrab from the Tindog website. If you're going on the hunt for doggy friends, you will of course need a dog.

dating site for dog walkers

This photo was taken during a difficult patch, before Edie discovered the possibilities of Tindog. Mashable composite Edie wasn't sure about Tindog at first, but we eventually persuaded her to give it a go. First, we had to sign up.

Tindog is the dating app for dog owners looking for a mate

We wanted to show off Edie's fun side, so after some deliberation we settled on this. Tindog works in a similar way to its human inspiration; you're shown a series of "profiles" or in this case a load of different dog photos and you swipe left if you're not interested and right if you like what you see.

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You can also click a little information icon to bring up the dog's profile their name, age, how far away they are, when they were last active, and an "About me" section. There's also some information about the owner and their picture, if they've chosen to upload this.

Here are some of the dogs we attempted to befriend.

New App Lets You Borrow A Dog To Walk And Play With | Bored Panda

These guys all looked friendly and Nell appeared to like swimming, which Edie also enjoys. Surely one of them would want to make friends?

dating site for dog walkers

Of course, we didn't want to seem desperate, so we did do some left swiping too. Unfortunately none of these three made the cut Edie isn't a fan of fancy dress which ruled out Capitaine and Izo, and Sufi was quite clearly not a dog at all.

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You're not fooling anyone, Sufi. After several hours and zero matches, we started to panic. Well, I was waiting in a rainy car park to go walkies with Will and Oscar.

dating site for dog walkers

We used the app to exchange messages about the dogs and walking locations. It was all very businesslike which, on the one hand, was reassuring as neither of us would turn up with expectations of anything more than just a walk. But on the other hand it felt a little cold.

I knew nothing about the person I was going to meet beyond where they liked to walk their dog. I was determined not to talk too much about myself, to ask plenty of questions and not to come across as needy.

I brushed Matilda to within an inch of her life and sprayed her with special doggy deodorant. It was five minutes after our agreed meeting time that I spotted Will and Oscar walking towards us.

dating site for dog walkers

Matilda strained on her lead and immediately made a play for Oscar, doing the obligatory yapping and doggy bottom-sniffing. I turned the conversation to work — he was in IT and worked mainly from home, hence his availability for middle-of-the-day dog-walking.

Dating websites for dog owners: Is this barking mad plan the way to find my perfect match?

I tried to make a light-hearted comment about not usually dressing so badly when I went on dates. He reeled off a couple of places famed for their seafood. We continued along the footpath in silence for a few minutes as I desperately tried to think what to say next. To be honest I was finding it tough, which was weird as I can usually talk to anyone about anything in the park. But I think you need a spark between the humans too.