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Find Cast Iron Cauldron in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation. Cast Iron Cauldron Large Striped: Home & Kitchen. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Join Date: Oct Posts: 6. Default Help with large cauldron, wash pot. I have a large cast iron cauldron or wash pot with no discernible markings do you have a ballpark of what I might expect to receive in a private sale?.

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Victor cast iron skillet number 9 manufactured by the Griswold Mfg. If the pattern number is on the Puritan or Merit skillet it was manufactured by Griswold. If not, it was manufactured by Favorite. If a pan has one or more notches in the heat ring, it is likely a vintage Lodge.

Pair Antique Cast Iron Pots Cauldrons

Unmarked pans with a heat raised letter on the underside, along with a raised number on the handle, may have been made in the late s — by Blacklock, the foundry that preceded the Lodge foundry.

Vollrath Manufacturing Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Vollrath manufactured many items of kitchenware from the late s until today. Some of the Vollrath cast iron skillets have the Vollrath name on them, and some do not. If you run across a pan with an underlined number imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s.

Vollrath cast iron skillet no. BSR manufactured many pieces of kitchenware. BSR manufactured non-enameled cast iron pans between about and Take a good look at the underside of the handle of your no-name skillet.

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Is there a ridge that goes all the way to the outer wall of the pan? This is a telltale sign of all unmarked BSR pans. Telltale BSR ridge on underside of handle; fully reaches to side wall. There are three primary BSR lines of cast iron skillets.

dating cast iron cauldrons for sale

All have the ridge on the underside of the handle that goes directly to the side wall. These skillets typically have only a number, often followed by a letter, incised in the bottom of the pan near the handle. The pour spouts on these skillets are smaller than seen on other skillets. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in inches, i.

BSR Century Series skillet no. They are marked the same as the s Century skillets, but the name of the piece — i. Wagner Manufacturing Company, Sidney, Ohio: Unmarked Wagner pans are commonly found.

dating cast iron cauldrons for sale

Often times unmarked Wagner pans are mistaken for BSR pans. One notable difference is that the ridge on the underside of the handle flattens out before it meets the side wall of the skillet.

The flattening out is a telltale sign that the pan was not manufactured by BSR. Unmarked Wagner cast iron skillet; ridge on underside of handle flattens out where it meets the outer wall. The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring. They may be marked with the size in diameter, e.

The pans often have a letter on the bottom of the pan in a Times New Roman-type font, and on the underside of the handle. Unmarked Wagner Ware cast iron skillet; marked only with B on the bottom of the skillet and on the underside of the handle.

Note the Times New Roman type face. Unmarked Wagner Ware skillet. Note the Times New Roman type face and break in ride on underside of handle. Note letter on bottom of skillet and underside of handle.

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Unmarked Wagner post s. The line is therefore somewhat blurred as to whether certain pieces were manufactured by CHF or by Favorite. There is debate in the cast iron world as to whether these pans were manufactured by CHF or by Favorite. I hope that this little dissertation on identification is helpful to you as you hunt for vintage cast iron cookware! In Wicca and some other forms of neopagan or pagan belief systems the cauldron is still used in magical practices.

dating cast iron cauldrons for sale

Most often a cauldron is made of cast iron and is used to burn loose incense on a charcoal disc, to make black salt used in banishing ritualsfor mixing herbs, or to burn petitions paper with words of power or wishes written on them.

Cauldrons symbolize not only the Goddess but also represent the womb because it holds something and on an altar it represents earth because it is a working tool. Cauldrons are often sold in New Age or "metaphysical" stores and may have various symbols of power inscribed on them.

A Bronze Age cauldron, and flesh-hookmade from sheet bronze The holy grail of Arthurian legend is sometimes referred to as a "cauldron", although traditionally the grail is thought of as a hand-held cup rather than the large pot that the word "cauldron" usually is used to mean. This may have resulted from the combination of the grail legend with earlier Celtic myths of magical cauldrons. The common translation for ding is often referred to as a cauldron.

In Chinese history and culture, possession of one or more ancient dings is often associated with power and dominion over the land. Therefore, the ding is often used as an implicit symbolism for power. The term "inquiring of the ding" Chinese: