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The latest addition to the stellar Pioneer4You stable is the IPV D2, the natural successor to the IPV IPV D2 review by dw Review Date. Just saw the post showing someones D2 tester model. Anybody have an idea when P4Y is going to start shipping them out?. Pioneer4you IPVD2 review - Many vapers were excited to see the fact that it is available at this price with most UK retailers is truly fantastic.

The maximum wattage is 75 watts on this IPV D2 When switched to temperature control, the display will show in joules instead of wattage.

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Notice that the voltage now reads as Fahrenheit. Imagine two cuties combined, it becomes a really cute mod and atomizer setting. The IPV D2 also comes with a silicone sleeve for extra protection against scratches and dust. Pictured above is the D2 with Goblin Mini setup, with and without the silicone sleeve. This is my current favourite and I will keep using this setting for a long time.

It has a solid built for something so small. The silicone sleeve compliments the mod really well and gives me the extra grip. Also means I can safe battery span a little bit.

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The temperature control also works fine when using a nickel wire setting in the atomizer. Here is the simple rundown on the IPV D2 as well as the specifications: With an output power at a range of 5WW and 5 Joules- 75 Joules. Voltage range s between 1V- 8V while current range is 1Amp- 25Amp.

This product calls for one battery. The IPV D2 will be available in the color black initially but will eventually also be available in silver as well. Also, if you are looking to go the extra mile to customize your mod; silicone covers will be sold separately to fit this unique device.

The silicone covers will be available in multiple colors including: With the ball bearing battery door it is easy to swap batteries in and out.

Pioneer4You have also included a silicon sleeve with the IPV D2 so you can protect the great paint finish against any nicks or scratches. The IPV D2 is presently available in black however a silver version is also in the pipeline and available soon.

Battery door cover runs on ball bearings and it allows for quick and easy access to the battery compartment, you will need a separate battery inserted positive end downwards to use the IPV D2. OLED screen at the side is easy to read and bright, offering the usual information on battery life, resistance, power and temperature limit.

The buttons either side of the OLED screen are a dream to use, they are large enough to use easily on a mini mod, I have not noticed any clickiness from them or had any issues at all with the buttons sticking or not registering an input. The menu is accessed by pressing the power button 5 times whilst the device is on.

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Next off you can switch between power and joule mode - power mode is standard variable wattage mode, joule mode will allow you to use the IPV D2 in temperature control mode, in conjunction with a compatible Nickel or Titanium coil. Pressing the power button again will allow you to adjust whether you want the temperature displayed in centigrade or fahrenheit, another press of the power button will allow you to adjust the temperature limit, a further press will allow you to select whether a Nickel or Titanium build is to be used.

This must be set correctly! Once all of that is done, hit exit and you will finally need to get the IPV D2 to take a baseline resistance reading of your coil, for optimum accuracy you want the atomiser and mod to be at room temperature.

Hold down the up and down buttons and the base resistance reading will be set, and you are ready to use the IPV D2 in temperature control.