Avoid dating a baby daddy

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avoid dating a baby daddy

I also get to witness the type of dad he really is, and he handles his role and Bear in mind that dating someone with a child would initially lead to you SO many articles or blogs online say avoid dating someone with. The issue is not so much about the baby as it is about the mama and the subsequent drama that unfolds when she finds out that the daddy has. If you are not even sure what a baby daddy is, let us help you out with a if your children are all grown up, it's never too late to start having date night! which is used to avoid coming around to visit or even pay child support.

Can your significant other manage any possible drama? What about keeping two women happy? These women, however, do happen to be a minority. Fact is… there are many people out there who have a child with their ex. It is a reality that single people have to face.

avoid dating a baby daddy

You could actually find a great person who shares common interests, goals and views with you. My guy possesses the main characteristics I usually go for, smart, sensitive, ambitious etc.

avoid dating a baby daddy

I also get to witness the type of dad he really is, and he handles his role and responsibilities as a father well. He is absolutely in love with his child, and that makes him even more attractive to me.

Seeing a man love and care for his child genuinely is a beautiful thing. Bear in mind that dating someone with a child would initially lead to you meeting the child or children, and having to build a relationship with them, not to mention gaining their trust as well. Of course, I was also nervous that my guy would analyse me.

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I was more nervous about meeting his child. Would the kid like me? Would I be accepted? Somehow I felt I had to impress the kid. Receiving the biggest smile was my ice breaker. The kid was smitten… okay… not totally.

avoid dating a baby daddy

Still, it was a great relief to have taken that step. Seeing a man with a child does give an inclination of the type of father he makes, and females — me included — tend to look for that particular quality when choosing our mates. Possessing the ideal qualities is what would make the final deal in him becoming a potential husband.

So does this make a man with a child more marriage worthy? I have no idea No ways It's just a minor offence It's understandable that most in-laws would frown upon a potential partner with a criminal record But, having a record is not the end of the world, and one needs to consider the offence before they completely disregard the idea Does your baby daddy have a criminal record?

Question 17 Have you ever considered marriage?

Dating A Guy Or Girl With A Baby

To anyone else, yes Of course! For the sake of the children, yes Marriage is a huge step and commitment, and should never be a decision which is taken lightly. But have you ever considered marrying your baby daddy? Or Are you already married? Question 18 Does he cook for you and your child? He can't cook Once a week Now and then A man who cooks is definitely a keeper! If he cooks well, then that is an added bonus!

avoid dating a baby daddy

Do you get stuck in the kitchen all day, every day; or does your baby daddy jump in and lend a hand in the kitchen so that you can chill out and put your feet up for a little bit? Question 19 Do you fight or argue with your baby daddy often? Every single time we meet Only over money Not that often We never argue Having a difference of opinion can really throw a spanner in the works! Each person has their own way of thinking, or their own way of how a household should be run.

avoid dating a baby daddy

If you can't find a happy medium this can be detrimental to any kind of relationship Question 20 Are you just a booty call? I don't think I am Probably, yes Not at all Either way, I don't mind Some times you may think you're in a budding relationship, but if you dig a little deeper, and consider all the facts, you may come to realize that you're just his late night booty call If you are comfortable with this, then that's cool.

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But if you aren't, then you may need to make a change. Question 21 Have either of you ever cheated? Never I did We both did It's always best to stay open and honest with your partner when you are in a serious relationship. Sometimes we don't mean to cheat, and sometimes maybe we do it for the thrill of the chase Have you ever cheated on your partner, or has your partner ever cheated on you? Question 22 Does he ever bring you breakfast in bed?

Only on my birthday At least twice a year He always sleeps late Feel free to interpret this question as you wish - but we are referring to actual edible food and a warm cup of coffee! Nothing beats being spoiled, in bed with a home made breakfast! These treats are rare and should be indulged in to the fullest! Question 23 How many children do you have together? Only one One from two different men I am not even sure If you think your baby daddy was a once off thing, you probably only have one child together But if you have more than one child, then chances are you spent more time together than you'd like to admit So how many children do you have with your baby daddy?