Ang dating daan 34 years in prison

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ang dating daan 34 years in prison

It is popularly known in the Philippines as Ang Dating Daan (English: The Old Path Since the year the church was established, church workers were being sent to the . [33] God is not omniscient[34] (he does not know ahead of time all future [3] In November , Weinland was sentenced to 42 months in prison for tax. For Prisoner Post-Release Services', () In a section entitled `Principles and AltLJ Vo I ! 27 ARTICLES and, indeed, helps to realise the well- publicised incidents in recent years where the details lengthening them, . effect of the order of Justice ability to obtain up-to-date evidence for the purpose of 3 1. Anders Behring Breivik born 13 February , is a Norwegian far-right terrorist who committed Utøya: – CEST He was sentenced to 21 years in prison, in a form of preventive detention . Norwegian prosecuting authorities claim that Breivik went to Belarus to meet a woman he had met on a dating website.

We really should know how to use the bible. We should not perceive it as something so simple that anybody can readily interpret. In fact, it is the opposite! The Bible is not a plain as it may seem to be. The Holy Scriptures has the highest degree and the utmost quality of words and wisdom any book could offer that a man can read in his lifetime….

The Bible is unique and more special than any other book essential to our salvation. Hence, not anybody can just stand up and explain, elucidate, or even interpret the words of the Almighty Himself!

But I will make a brief digression first. Soriano illustrates his point with an example: Reproached of men, and despised of people. Still, in 1 John 5: Is He a worm, a man, or a God?

This is one of the greatest debates in the religious world; but how can we, in our humble being, be able to understand this seemingly complicated issue? Is it possible for us, human beings, to comprehend complexities such as these? Soriano, that is why Jesus established a Church against which the gates of hell would not prevail Matt For although almost anyone could see that Psalm God guided the successors of the apostles, the bishops of the early Catholic Church, men like St.

Ignatius of Antioch and St. Athanasius of Alexandria, to explain to their flocks the mystery of the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, true God, in the true man Jesus Christ, and this understanding, received from the apostles and transmitted and developed by the same bishops of the early Catholic Church, was finally codified at Catholic ecumenical Councils such as Nicaea and Chalcedon.

Christendom has never been without authentic Christian teachers, the successors of the apostles. Incidentally, this is the same logic that Dan Brown uses in The Da Vinci Code to argue that Jesus was a mere man who taught peace and worshiped the sacred feminine.

You see, once one decides to reject the entire historical record as a forgery written by power hungry men, one can make up any cockamamie story about the past one wants to, and this is how Soriano deceives his followers into believing that his doctrines, so foreign to Christian history, actually represent authentic apostolic teaching.

ang dating daan 34 years in prison

Soriano concludes this article by relating the means of properly interpreting the Bible. First, one must have the Spirit of God, which requires one to fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

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He reconciles his statements thus far with his dictum that no man may interpret the Bible by insisting that the Bible interprets itself, and that if one has the Spirit of God and searches the Scriptures diligently, one will find the explanation of the passage one does not understand in some other passage somewhere else. Tremendous insights can be gained into biblical interpretation through historical, grammatical, and linguistic analysis, and this often requires reference to non-biblical literature.

Try figuring out what archegos means, for instance, without referring to extra-biblical Greek writings it is used only once in the entire New Testament: Archeology and geography also throw light on much of what is obscure in Holy Scripture. Finally, the Church Fathers, who held on to the traditions which they received from the apostles 2 Thess 2: But Soriano would cut off his flock from these tools, and from education in the methods of biblical exegesis, and leave them adrift all by themselves to try to interpret these ancient texts, written in a language and culture far removed from their own, and expect them to just be able to read and understand.

And naturally, they will fail. Then, they will have to turn to Bro. This is where his self-contradiction reaches its consummation. All of these show the need for a teacher who has the Spirit of God so that one may understand the Word of God. Nothing less would be able to lead one to truth and guide one until the end.

And God is faithful that he would not leave his people alone without one. Fortunate, indeed, is one who has found that true preacher. As attested to by many, God is really with Bro. He can see what others do not and has the understanding of the Word of God not found in anyone even among sages. And for that, how blessed is the Philippines! And if you truly care for truth, you must make sure you are being led by someone with an understanding given by God, and teaching things of God — like a spring that never runs dry.

There is no secret in the Bro. The Bible gives its own explanation in John 3: Eli preaches, he makes distinctions between quantity of the word, its quality, its direction, time, construction of meaning, and extent of meaning. He goes as far as explaining the source and the intended receiver to place the message in proper context… Truly, none can compare with the understanding that Bro.

Eli has that symbolisms in the Bible are effectively expounded to his congregation and to his hearers in bible expositions.

While he has not formally studied so-called hermeneutics that are the fare of secular schools, his level of understanding shows an awesome depth that each topic — unheard of before from all corners of this world — is as valuable as his next topic would be. Foremost, he unlocks mysteries from the Word of God like nobody.

Before, anyone who feared the Lord and patiently worked at it could interpret the Bible. Now, only he can. The contradiction could hardly be clearer. For the past 5 years, ASOP had been surprising us with the best of the best starting from its interpreters. Here are this years list of finalists. Glen Bawa and Ronald Calpis ; Interpreted by: A very clever incorporation of reggae taste.

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Bugoy Drilon singing looks like it is just an easy song to sing, but taking the reggae form is difficult. But he owns the song. His success in the music industry has much to do with his perseverance and even worked as a janitor in a university.

Many hurdles along the way, but pursuing his dream to be a singer is bigger. Gulliver Enverga; Interpreted by: Papahirin, lilimutin, lilinisin, babaguhin at naghihintay sa tapat mong pangako. What else you want to hear to be able to hold on to that promise of God. Tanging Ligaya Composed by: Angelica Soriano; Interpreted by: She won the Gensan Pop Idol.

Ang Iyong Pangalan Composed by: A very powerful entrance to a song to one powerful chords of Jovit. Hari ng mga Hari, Dios ng mga Dios. Ang Iyong pangalan ang una at huli… this songs says everything about our God Almighty.

ang dating daan 34 years in prison

Pag-ibig Ka Oh Dios Composed by: LJ Manzano ; Interpreted by: Their music video Damang-Dama, took noticed by netizens because of its optimistic messages. They became the FireExitBoys because they made a series of videos on fire exits. Discover if Pace University is right.

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