Pokemon dating sim x and y chromosome

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pokemon dating sim x and y chromosome

Date, Event, Subreddit . Perhaps this is Game Freak's way of telling us that gender is not the key . Well, who said that was the boy on X? . will get the XY/ XX chromosomes the wrong way round thanks to Pokemon. Having been named “X” and “Y”, it is very possible that these names are referring to the X and Y chromosomes of the human genome. Pokemon X & Y Release Date, New Type Revealed During their E3 Secret Bases Coming to Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Game Freak makes terrific games. The x and y is really based on spatial dimensions, I mean come on would Nintendo really Date Posted: Sep 23, #2. I know It's weird to think that a version of a Pokemon game is intended for a specific gender.

The DNA string is heavily implied in the Japanese logo and supports the theory, while the axial theory only has a "What if the third version is Z? What kind of argument is that? The point is that the X axis on a graph goes across, the Y axis goes up, and is the Y Pokemon that flies, while the X pokemon is on the ground, not the opposite.

However, as I said, we should wait. I'm not saying that the coordinates theory is the right one well, that's my intuitionbut I don't think you have any proof to say for sure that they're related to chromosomes either, except a small low definition detail on the logo that could be anything. I can totally see a Z pokemon related to stereo3D coming.

pokemon dating sim x and y chromosome

It's almost impossible that they'll do nothing to use the 3D function of the console. To suggest the region will 'likely' be based on France seems to be speculation of the sort that the banner of the top forbids, Tokyo also has a structure like the Eiffel Tower. While it's not confirmed, it is plausible that the region might be based in France. Isn't it still speculation? And why the entire region, rather than that particular city I don't recall France having a desert, for example?

I for one think it may be based in Europe, but that city, along with that picture with the bridge remind me of the Palace of Versailles. Popular agreement is NOT "confirmation by a reliable source". What's the point in that rule, if your so keen on breaking it? It's like when everybody put Kyurem as the third member of the Tao trio before it was confirmed, despite them arguing tooth and nail and out right refusing to allow Giratina to be stated as the third member of the Dragon trio before Platinum came out Shadowater talk As an admin, it seems as if Masatoshi is going for a 'do as I say, not as I do'.

You can't rule 'no speculation', then allow a piece that you favour, or personally find convincing. It's conjecture after conjecture The camera zooms out and shows it in France. Saying the region is based on France is less of speculation, and more of an observation giving readers some idea what the region looks like. Rather than explaining every tiny little detail about the location, we can just blanket sweep it by saying, "It looks a lot like France.

Possibly a coincidence, though it's hardly an argument against the region being based off France.

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Japan has a Statue of Liberty too, but Japan isn't the first place you think of when you think of the Statue of Liberty, is it? Then don't even get me started on Las Vegas. I don't really see anything pointing it away from France, and I'm done having this discussion. There are more important things to worry about. Saying the game "seems to be based on France" doesn't exclude the possibility of it also being based on other areas as well, in any case.

No reason to rush guys, we don't have enough information. Even if all we have seen is from France it's notit still doesn't mean that there won't be any Pisa Tower or Berlin Wall or Roman Coliseum that I'd very much like in another footage.

If anything, all evidence points to France Eiffel tower, Versailles, Pikachu's location, Masuda's trip, etc. It's still speculation, however, one way or the other. I think it's a safe assumption. I am putting an end to this discussion on Bulbapedia.

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If you wish to speculate more on the subject, take it to the forums. Subsequent messages will be removed, and blocks may be handed out.

pokemon dating sim x and y chromosome

KennyMc talk16 June UTC Region is based in France Besides the obvious Eiffel Tower reference, I found out that the buildings shown are reminiscent of Paris's type which was forced as an official style there and additionally, the place Pikachu is giving the conference is Paris. These applications, announced for release on December 27,were postponed to February 5,due to the volume of traffic on the Nintendo Network service. The player begins their adventure in Vaniville Town, located in the lower right point of the star-shaped region.

Centered around beauty, the region is heavily inspired by France and, to a lesser extent, Europe as a whole. They soon befriend four trainers—Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, and their rival Calem or Serena, [nb 1] —all of whom were called to meet Professor Sycamore who is the leading professor in the Kalos Region in Lumiose City, the main city of Kalos.

Thereafter, they encounter Sina and Dexio, assistants of Sycamore, who brings them to the professor himself; however, once in Lumiose City they discover the area to be suffering from a partial power outage. Upon meeting Sycamore in Lumiose City, the player is informed of Mega Evolution and he requests they travel across Kalos and uncover the mysteries behind it.

Before leaving Lumiose City, the player encounters an imposing man named Lysandre who desires a more beautiful world. The Kalos Region was heavily inspired by France, with the main city—Lumiose City—being a representation of Paris pictured.

The in-game city is crowned by the Prism Tower, a building inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Later encounters with Team Flare reveal their true goal to be the annihilation of humanity to return the world to a pristine, more beautiful state. Defeating Korrina in a special Mega Evolution battle using Lucariothe player is given the ability to freely use Mega Evolution.

The player then continues their journey, defeating Gym Leaders and stopping various schemes carried out by Team Flare. In the Lumiose Badlands, the player defeats Team Flare during their attempt to steal energy from the region's power plant and restores power to all of Lumiose City. Once the player obtains their seventh badge, they, and the rest of Kalos, are addressed by Lysandre through the Holo Caster a holographic communication device ; Lysandre informs them of the fact that he is the leader of Team Flare and intends to destroy humanity.

Upon reaching the core of the weapon, the player discovers a dormant Xerneas or Yveltal which suddenly awakens with their appearance. With the defeat of Team Flare, the player resumes their journey and obtains their eighth and final Gym Badge, enabling them to challenge the Elite Four —the most powerful trainers in Kalos.