Mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

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mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

4 days ago 1 Profile; 2 About Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong; 3 Dramas; 4 Movies; 5 Commercial Mint (มิ้นต์); Profession: Actress, Model, Business Owner; Date of birth: Aug. She become a lead actress again during in the lakorn Nuer Mek 2 and later .. Mint and Mark english forum Mint and Mark English Forum. This time the little kid angry his friend Mint Chalida and her mother because he (The group feature with Boy Margie Barry Yaya Mark Kim and Mint.) That time he had his girlfriend and kimmy had her boyfriend. . (17). 1 Profile; 2 About; 3 Dramas; 4 Music Videos; 5 Music; 6 Movies Name: Prin Suparat (ปริญ สุภารัตน์); Nickname: Mark (หมาก); Profession: Actor; Date of birth: March 19, Mark (Prin Suparat) was born in Chiang Mai, but grew up in Nuer Mek 2 (Ch.3/Dec ) with Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong.

Jak appointed Winyoo Chatchai Plengpanich as his personal adviser who has a part in every decision he makes. In addition, there is widespread rumors that Winyoo one who is difficult find as he is interested in dark science and is powerful in black magic. Jak is dating Dr. Praepailin, daughter of Petchtae Penpak Sirikulthe big lady of the number one networking business of Thailand. Praepailin used to date Komsorn Jarun Sososecretary of the prime minister, when they were studying abroad.

When they graduated, each were occupied with work and their love became distant so eventually they ended their relationship and separated.

mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

Meka and Jak always bumped heads in their works. One day, Meka was ambushed by the Master of Sorcery so that he was wounded near the point of death. Napa Sinjai Plengpanich unceasingly pounded shots into the Master of Sorcery with her gun until he retreated. While bringing Meka to the hospital, Napa was also ambushed so that she died after falling off the building.

At the same time, Dr. Meka fell into a coma.

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It seemed everything fell into place for the Dark Powers. Jak was appointed to maintain the position of prime minister while Winyoo took care of the special investigative forces.

mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

Sangkla and Sergeant Samin are confident that Jak and Winyoo are behind all the evil that has transpired but is unable to punish them. In addition, it is very strange that Sangkla would, in secret, often receive the most important pieces of evidence from Satta Faithan enigmatic individual, so that there were many times where they almost caught Jak. When Anantakata was stolen by thieves in an outrage, Rawee was unresponsive and behaved as if nothing happened.

Thus, Sangkla and Sergeant Saming decided to disobey order and commanded troops of special investigative forces to follow the traces using the advanced technology provided by Dr. This made Sangkla find out that the three ancient weapons that disappeared were in the warehouse belonging to Petchtae.

Sangkla and Sergeant Saming thus lead the special forces to crash the place, hoping to snatch the ancient weapons back. But instead, they were backfired when they found only emptiness.

The troops of special forces were crushed by mass weapon. However, he received help from a female in black suit, who shot magic bullets at the unprepared Master of Sorcery.

Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong

This allowed Sangkla and Sergeant Saming to barely escape death. Which, the lady in black suit was Napa herself. Now, Jukranarai was the only piece left.

If the Master of Sorcery were to seize and possess it, his dark magics will increase exponentially to the point where it will difficult to combat him. Sergeant Saming has a pupil who was adept in white magic, Chotiyan.

mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

However, the chance was lost when the Master of Sorcery, who is the pupil in black magics, wounded and murdered Chotiyan. Many people in Thailand thought the scandal is true because Mark told the reporter that he waiting for the perfect time to announce their relationshipFrom the last year Mark really had many bad scandal.

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He was in love with View Wannaroth, Broke up and got back together and then had a scandal with Kimmy. That time he had his girlfriend and kimmy had her boyfriend. They had a sweet talk on private chat room but someone spread it around. Mark broke up with his girlfriend.

Mark and Mint: What was that all about?

After that Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend around two month later. After that they often met up and seem like they date each other.

mint chalida and mark prin dating 2012 movie

Many people started don't like him because it seem like Mark betray Jett and his family who gave a chance for him to be an actor. Many people thought he shouldn't date Kim because it might effect his job. I think this scandal did effect his job but didn't much as the other think.

From what I see he is a good actor, he started to be an outstanding actor day by day so the scandal didn't effect that much. I think maybe it's because he was an athlete so he systematic himself very well. So he still have series to play until now. The news about his love story made many people watch over him all the time waiting for his fault and pay attention on his behavior. I think Mark must sensitive about this topic because he knew he is part of reason that made Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend and when Mint's mom post the pic of the hell where the people who commit adultery, Mark really angry and curse a big bad words to Mint in the chat group.

I think Mint's mom mean to blame Mark and Kimmy. But Mint's mom interviewed that she mean to blame Mark's manager instead.

I think, it isn't important about what is Mint's mom saying.

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The important thing is Mark have to keep his anger inside no matter what. It good for his career anyway. Being polite is the best thing that an actor in Thailand should respect. Mark has to admit first that he is the part of reason that made Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend.

Because Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend so their love can start and Kimmy choose to broke up for Mark already.

I always believe "If the lover don't need to be by the other side then they should break up" While, if they don't have a child. If they have, it is another story. No need to bear the love when your lover don't have a heart to you. If they love someone else, you have to let them go. I didn't bias Mark - Kim love. I love this 2 kids but if they need to be together they should admit their love started from the heart broken of someone.