Louis and harry dating roxie

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louis and harry dating roxie

She said "So we are dating now" I said "Yup" We walk to school holding hands. Niall came up and said "Liam um Harry is coming hide Roxie." I hid Roxie. Harry . Roxie Rhodes, Gordon Leonard, Dutch Sundra, Steve Eisenstat, Harry Shirley, Cleveland Indians Saint Louis Browns DATE GM NAME Doyle. IS ONE DIRECTION HARRY STYLES DATING STYLIST ROXI NAFOUSI Zayn Malik Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Liam Payne ♥.

Louis was a bit spoiled, you see. He'd grown up with two older sisters, the younger of whom was six years older than him. The whole family had doted on him like he was a little prince. And he was a mamma's boy, there was no doubt. Fleur would do anything for her little boy. When he graduated from Hogwarts, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

All of his cousins had these crazy plans and aspirations and knew what they wanted to get out of life. But Louis had always just lived for the thrill of Quidditch matches, even though he wasn't very good.

He hadn't done his homework, but his performance on the O. He'd slacked off, but everyone had still loved him. Maybe it had to do with being part-Veela. Everybody wanted to be part-Veela, except for Louis. Then again, Louis didn't really want anything. When it came time for him to move out of Shell Cottage, he didn't even have a job to support himself with. So his parents paid rent for his flat.

louis and harry dating roxie

They made him work at Uncle George's joke shop for minimal hours, but he was barely even working what you'd consider "part-time. He was nice to everyone and he could be really sensitive. He had just always gotten his way throughout childhood, and now he was lost.

He had a nice apartment, though. His furniture was all very nice, not quite high-end, but not at all shabby. He had this sense of style that Roxanne wouldn't have associated with Louis.

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But it worked anyway. He had three bedrooms, though nobody was really sure why this was necessary. He had friends and family members stay over from time to time, but the two guest rooms were usually empty.

They weren't now, though. Matthieu was staying in the larger one, and the smaller one which admittedly wasn't much bigger than a large closet had been transformed into his studio.

Matthieu was an artist, you see. He also sculpted from time to time, but painting was his niche. He was in London not only to experience the different culture, but also to gain inspiration for his art. He'd just finished up school, too. He knew what he wanted to do in life; now he just had to go about doing it. After she met Matthieu, Roxanne somehow ended up at Louis' flat quite frequently. Before, she had barely ever gone over there by herself.

But now she was dropping by on her way home from work, or coming over to watch a Quidditch game with them. Matthieu and Louis seemed to be at their flat all the time, anyway. She might as well give them some company. And somewhere along the line that was, within about ten daysMatthieu went from being that boy that lived with her cousin that was really, really cute, to her boyfriend.

And Roxanne was totally okay with that. You've seen those romantic movies, right? Where the main characters fall madly in love and nothing else ever matters — just them? Roxanne and Matthieu's story was kind of like that. Very similar, only they couldn't speak to each other. They tried to learn. You can't learn a language that quickly.

Lightning travels faster than thunder. And love travels faster than knowledge. Sometimes they went on double dates. Louis wasn't seeing anybody, but sometimes he'd find a girl to bring along.

Teddy and Victoire weren't really an option because they had the kids to look after, so that involved a babysitter, and everything just got complicated. But Dominique had an on-again-off-again boyfriend, and for those first few weeks of Roxanne and Matthieu's relationship, they were luckily on-again.

If they couldn't set up a double date, sometimes they just had Louis sit in between them and translate everything. This became inconvenient when they discovered kissing. And that discovery came quickly, too. Everything came very quickly. If they couldn't get a translator, they would stumble through the sentences that they could manage, and then they just wouldn't talk.

Not talking was fine. There were plenty of things to do that didn't involve talking. They found another activity to do soon. They spent a lot of time in Matthieu's studio, as Roxie admired his old work or watched him paint something new. He made the most amazing paintings, from her point of view.

She felt like she could just step right into that painting he'd done of his barn back home in France. She could feel the morning dew and hear the laughter of his family. On a side note, he had a large family, too, though in a different way.

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He had three brothers and two sisters. She had lots of cousins, and only one brother. One day when Roxanne went to visit Matthieu and Louis oh, who was she kidding? He led her into the small extra bedroom in Louis' apartment, and gestured towards the chair in the middle of the room.

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He already had an easel set up facing the chair. Roxanne wondered absentmindedly how long he'd been planning this for. It was kind of cute. Being a model for a painting was a lot harder than it looked. It wasn't like posing for a camera. You had to actually sit there for hours so that the artist could paint you.

louis and harry dating roxie

Roxanne was afraid to move even her pinky toe, convinced that the slightest movement would mess up Matthieu's painting, and she did not want to mess up Matthieu's painting.

That would be horrible. So she sat there and smiled and smiled and smiled and he smiled back at her when he looked up to examine the curve of her cheekbone, or the shape of her nose. And she studied the line of his forehead, the creases around his mouth when he smiled, and those dimples. Roxanne swore those dimples would be the death of her. The picture wasn't even done after all that time that she'd sat there which, Matthieu explained later, had felt a lot longer than it actually was.

That was just the outline, as Matthieu had attempted to explain.

Harry styles dating swedish girl

She had to leave, and he would finish it up. She wasn't to come back to Louis' flat until he sent her an owl. In those days that she waited for Matthieu's owl, Roxanne wondered what it was that she'd done before they'd started dating.

She loved it there. She didn't have the same love and curiosity for all things Muggle that her grandfather had, but she loved the work itself. She felt like she was doing something, and helping to protect people, even though she wasn't actually out there risking her life. And she actually enjoyed filing things, thank you very much. Granddad Arthur must have noticed that something was up, all that time.

Her head had been in the clouds, in a way that she hadn't experienced… well, since the early days of her crush on Scorpius, back when she'd actually thought that he might like her back, back before he and Rose had gotten together.

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But it was even worse than that. It was like she couldn't think of anything but Matthieu. It was like… well, it was young love. You know what that's like, don't you? It was especially bad when she was waiting for his owl, because she was waiting.

Waiting is one of the hardest things you can do. That was one of the downsides to working right alongside your grandfather, really. He was right there for everything. It wasn't as though Roxanne had told her parents about Matthieu yet — she wasn't even sure if they'd met him or not.

But she wasn't ready to introduce him to any of the other family members as her boyfriend yet. It was bad enough having Dominique and Louis along for every step of the romance. She didn't need Aunt Fleur or Uncle Harry or her dad there also. Granddad seemed to let it slide, though.

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