Let go meaning matt and kim dating

A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

let go meaning matt and kim dating

SheKnows caught up with indie-pop duo Matt and Kim during their But it made sense; when people go out, they dance, they mosh, they It's just funny that we' re in-between two worlds, but it doesn't mean SK: Let's turn the tables. KS: This was from the beginning when Matt and I first started dating. Ayyy it's MATT and KIM we're the indie music duo who have a VMA for .. I mean besides being super fucking hot he is really funny and the kindest . One of our early dates was hanging out in Prospect Park trying to fly a kite we .. Let me tell you i still every now and then think back to the time matt fell in. What roommates teach us, plus how horses helped Kim Meeder after her and Matt figured out how to let his roommates become his best friends. And how does she find the motivation to get back in the dating game after.

Well, the producer we wanted to work with has a studio down there and everything. His name is Ben Allen. It was our first time working with a producer, and it has been good.

let go meaning matt and kim dating

And I think it was. Do you have a particular favorite track that fans should look out for? Well, I have a lot of particular favorite tracks. It just feels right. Sometimes the stars just align and a song just works, and sometimes it can take a really long time to work on a song, and sometimes it just happens.

Matt And Kim | Matt and Kim on tour Winter

This one just kind of happened and everything lined up. What do you think about her interpretation of your idea? I think she did a good job. We talked on the phone beforehand. Actually, I think she talked to us on the day she was going to do the shoot.

She was saying that she was a big fan, and this and that. But I think when people see you as a bigger artist, you get more and more responsibility.

I think definitely at the time that Kim and I did it, it was like, you know, a couple of dumb kids from Brooklyn who do stupid things. There is stuff on television all the time that is far more sexual sort of content and what not.

Matt & Kim’s Latest Masterpiece-“Let’s Go”

Everyone takes their clothes off. We all have similar aspects.

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Numerous cops came up, even when we were doing rehearsals. There are so many police on beat in Times Square.

let go meaning matt and kim dating

We had a very loose permit to shoot. Videos are really important to us. Neither had extensive experience with their instruments prior to this.

let go meaning matt and kim dating

Despite their inexperience, they were urged to play live shows by fellow Pratt alumni from the band Japanther. Adam Moerder of Pitchfork referred to the duo as the "quintessential 'party' band" in a review of their self-titled debut album. The video for "Yea Yeah," which depicts the pair being hit with food from their refrigerator, has been considered one of the initial catalysts for their rise in popularity.

Breakthrough with Grand[ edit ] Matt and Kim performing at Coachella in Matt and Kim were signed to the Fader Label in lateand Grand was released on January 20, The duo went on a 3-week North American tour in November to promote the album.

A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

The duo also performed the song on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The video was filmed during winter on a cold day. They also engaged in a two-month nationwide tour from September to November. They released their third studio album, Sidewalksin November on the Fader Label.

This was the duo's first album to not be self-produced.