Ja rule and lo dating dancer

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ja rule and lo dating dancer

Last night Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule reunited at the debut of servatin.info's Las Vegas WATCH NOW: servatin.info's dancing mom steals the show in Vegas . wheel on their party date where the group hits the recording studio, drinks, and. Ashanti dished on her enduring friendship with Ja Rule -- admitting whether "At the time, the person that I was dating was sneaking up there to Canada She had to fight to keep another one of her favorite songs from servatin.info Here are our fave servatin.info musical collaborations of all time. Fat Joe and Ja Rule— after years of utterly forgettable dance tracks with peops like.

The first video with Jennifer was out in the countryside; [she was] riding a motorcycle and looked very country.

Ja Rule - Mesmerize ft. Ashanti

We got Ja out there and then Irv shakes his head and goes, "Nah, this is all wrong. We just remixed the song. We need to bring Jennifer and Ja to the hood, not out in the wilderness, not in the reeds. It was a one-day shoot.

Then, of course, the remix video was the one that exploded. Me and Jen were cool.

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She's cool and fun and easygoing, and I'm the same way, so it was real easy for us to get on set and make it all work. We were back there clownin' and gamblin' and all that stuff. We were shootin' dice, man.

ja rule and lo dating dancer

Just having a good day. A real good day. And Jen -- she could get down. I showed her how to throw three dice!

ja rule and lo dating dancer

I like the two of them on the basketball court. It just seemed like they were having a blast, and I like the photograph of them in the park on the bike -- that just felt nostalgic even while shooting it.

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I was really up to capturing the less polished version of the two. The tea is hot and the kettle is overflowing. The year-old also opened up about what she really thought of that infamous Beyonce review back in and how she whipped herself into break-the-internet bikini shape for her spot in the new Ciroc French Vanilla commercial.

Suffice it to say, the "Say Less" singer was definitely in a sharing, "say more" kinda mood during this revealing sit-down. Watch it below and read on for a breakdown of her biggest reveals. Have Ashanti and Ja Rule ever taken their relationship beyond the friend zone? I don't know what it was with us two. It really was such a moving experience because for him to say that we inspired the play is crazy.

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Like, that's what you eat, sleep and breathe. Ashanti has "a lot of secret stories" from the set of John Tucker Must Die. Lo will never trust me again. Ja Rule first debuted in and made several hits throughout the journey. The couple got married only after giving birth to their first child Brittany in Lo was one of my really good friends. After the legal shuffle, the same ABC report claimed Knight intended to release an unauthorized film titled J.

He seen he had a live one. Ja Rule indicated he had plans to write a book surrounding the whole experience.

Ja Rule And J-lo Dating Who

Irv Gotti, who produced the remix of "I'm Real" featuring Ja Rule, openly admitted during an interview with XXL magazine that Mottola contacted him with instructions to create a song that. For years, most of us likely thought we knew exactly what Jennifer Lopez said at the beginning of the Ja Rule-collaborative hit "I'm yours. Have Ashanti and Ja Rule ever taken their relationship beyond the friend zone?