Iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon Doing Stuff and Thangs - Oh No They Didn't!

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

Affair with, Iwan Rheon (Rumored). Movies, Survivor. TV Show, Love SIck and The Musketeers, The Good Doctor. Siblings, Emma Jay Thomas. Apparently he's dating Catrin Stewart (ice girl form series 2) so i guess the answer is no, they're just really good actors. The actress to portray the very role, Antonia Thomas is equally she has been in on screen match up with her co-star Iwan Rheon in "Misfits.".

Antonia also had a role in the recent Spike Island, and has recently finished filming London comedy Hello Carter and science fiction thriller Scintilla. What training have you received?

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With both youth companies I performed to paying audiences in Japan and at the Edinburgh festival, the Royal Opera House and the Soho Theatre, amongst others. It was an invaluable part of my training, and the closest I could have got to a professional experience without already being a professional actor. It was a steep and exciting learning curve; I took so much from it and I got an especially brilliant classical basis to my training that has, so far, stood me in good stead.

What kind of roles attract you?

Are actors Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas dating?

I just want to play as many different roles, explore as many different kinds of people as possible. I do, however, really enjoy playing characters that are very different to myself; I find it fascinating to get into the mind set of somebody completely removed from me.

That if you want to have a serious and respected acting career then you better be in it for the marathon and not the sprint. It should be about working really hard and doing it for the love of the work, rather than any kind of by product that can go along side it.

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

Tell us the most significant moment in your career so far? I would say that would probably have been when Misfits—my first job out of drama school—won the BAFTA for best drama series.

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None of us had any idea that would happen! It was a great show to have been part of and we were just extremely proud to have been nominated, let alone given the award.

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

It was a real honour. And here's some pics of Antonia during rehearsals for her stage role: Iwan is busy filming season four of Game of Thrones at the moment, as well as recording his album. From the Folk That blog: You recently released your new EP Bang! How did the decision come about to go back to basics and make another stripped back acoustic EP like your debut Tongue Tied?

I guess I wanted a more intimate, sitting in the corner of your room type of vibe. The songs on Bang! It's so flattering, and I think we're so proud of the show. It's just so nice that the industry and the general public has recognised it as something that's a bit of fun.

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

But I think, as I say, credit to Howard Overman's writing, he's a clever man and I think he'll find ways to fill the void and find new characters to take his place.

Simon's probably one of the characters who's developed the most over the series - will we see him continue to change in the new episodes? Obviously he needs to finish that journey to becoming the Superhoodie character. And also to kind of try and make the present Simon become the future Simon, if you know what I mean - have all those little beats where you can show a little flicker of it People know that she has been in on screen match up with her co-star Iwan Rheon in "Misfits.

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

But in an interview in lateshe trenched the fans' thirst when she revealed that she had a boyfriend. It's Lauren's second time being nominated which is amazing.

It's just nice to get nominated and try and enjoy the ceremony.

iwan rheon and antonia thomas dating

But Joe Gilgun's come in and he's doing a great job. That's all I can say. The scripts are great and I think the ideas are there and it's just more! Obviously you never know, and I've only seen the first three scripts.

The standard's been so high the last two years, so I can't see why it won't be again.

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