Is drake and serena williams dating

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is drake and serena williams dating

Serena Williams recently tied the knot with Alexis Ohanian, but she had her fair share Before meeting the love of her life, the tennis player dated a few rappers and Reactions to Kanye West and Drake's Twitter Feud Drake and Serena Williams may have rekindled their relationship at Wimbledon, if reports are anything to go by. Follow the latest celebrity. Now that Drake is rumored to be dating Rihanna yet again, let us not forget that brief and wonderful moment in when it looked like Aubrey.

It was, for lack of a better term, a media circus for the ages. They were photographed together everywhere they went, from his restaurant opening in Toronto to dates out on the town to front row at her New York Fashion Week show.

is drake and serena williams dating

Perhaps the most infamous example was the US Open semifinal match, an egregious case of the entire public totally missing the point. Drake was seated front row at the big match—as any supposed boyfriend would do—but the second that Drizzy was spotted in the house, attention immediately shifted to the rapper and his relationship with Williams.

The tennis star ended up losing that tournament in straight sets that's tennis speak for a very bad matchand fans immediately accused Drake of distracting her. The rumors and accusations went flying—as did the hashtags—in half-joking, half-serious manners, but it was all absurd nonetheless.

That Was Fast: Does Serena Have A New Man?

Then, in almost as much of a surprise fashion as the Drake-Serena relationship began, the two were done. As anyone who's had a Hollywood breakup will tell you, being constantly followed and critiqued in a relationship does not a sustainable coupling make. Sadly for Williams, it wasn't the first time she had learned such a lesson.

But there was almost no time to mourn for Serena, because she had met someone new.

is drake and serena williams dating

And this time it was a guy that she and everyone else could take seriously. Drake became a fan of Serena Williams back in and began watching her matches from the stands. He was spotted at a number of her games cheering her on from the sidelines. Then he posted this Back inDrake let everyone know that he had a thing for the US tennis champion when he posted this very suggestive message on Twitter.

is drake and serena williams dating

The tweet also hinted the pair were spending time together off the court. Remember when Drake mentioned Serena Williams in a song? Adding to his previous suggestion the two spent time together, he rapped: Serena Williams' ex-boyfriend Common did, and he fired off a diss track at Drake.

Serena Williams' ex-fling Common sent subliminal shots at Drake on his song 'Sweet', inferring that the Canadian rapper was "soft". A few standout lines from the track include: And Drake fired back at Common with one of his hottest verses yet.

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After hearing Common's diss song, Drizzy wasn't impressed. Drake then unleashed one of his greatest verses on Rick Ross' song 'Stay Schemin' firing off lyrics such as: Common confirmed that he dissed Drake because of his relationship with Serena Williams.

After firing off a number of diss tracks at Drake, Common and Drake eventually squashed their rap feud in In an interview, Common later confirmed that Drizzy's growing relationship with Serena was the cause of his animosity with the Canadian rapper. Fast-forward to and Drizzy was spotted paying very close attention to Serena at Wimbledon. During his trip to London inDrizzy was pictured spending his spare time supporting Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

He sat alongside her team in the stands and reportedly spent time with her off the court. He then celebrated her Wimbledon win on Instagram.

is drake and serena williams dating

After watching Serena Williams claim her Wimbledon title, Drake reacted on Instagram by posting an image of her holding the trophy, alongside the caption: A big plate for all that food you ate at Wimbledon! He continued to support Serena from the stands at a number of her matches around the world.