Henry danger charlotte and dating

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henry danger charlotte and dating

May 23, her starring role as Charlotte in the Nickelodeon series Henry Danger. dating in February and ended their relationship in June Henry and Charlotte go to the party together and get Jasper the barrel/bucket he Henry risked being seen with his Kid Danger equipment to help Charlotte out. I don't need you two dating so you can spend MORE time together! . From Henry Danger Henry and Charlotte studied together since they were children.

He never cared about your love life," "Gee, thanks Char," "You know that's not what I meant," They walked, in, and went down that horrifying elevator. Even after two years, they still have't gotten used to it. She muttered a curse word, and figured that there was no getting around it. She didn't want them to embarrass her. But of course, Ray being Ray, he wanted more answers. He wanted to embarrass her, like she did to him when he had his first date.

Ray turned to Henry. She didn't want to go through all that trouble. He never thought of Charlotte as someone who went on dates. Going on a date? Please," He said, not believing Henry for one second. She guessed she should tell him.

She rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that he was wanting to look him up on the internet. Ray spun around in the chair. She and Henry looked at the screen. Much to Charlotte's horror, he had his Twitflash up in the matter of seconds. You didn't do this for Henry went on a date! Or, when he went out with three girls.

At the same time! He knew he was going overboard, but he couldn't help it. You know how to protect yourself. We don't need to do it for you," Ray said in defeat.

Charlotte was glad that they saw it her way. She kind of felt badly though. Given that she was the only girl in a group of guys, she should've known they were going to get protective of her.

Especially if one of them was the superhero of the entire city. And another one was his sidekick, who was also her best friend. Charlotte looked annoyed and rolled her eyes when Henry was talking about how pretty Veronika is.

Charlotte screamed 'Oh my god! Charlotte came into Henry's house and immediately asked where Henry was. Charlotte somehow understood Henry's message immediately. Neither of them believed that Jasper had a girlfriend.

Henry smiled at Charlotte so she wouldn't figure out about Courtney. Henry was worried about Charlotte, but Ray said forget about her. Charlotte begged Henry to help her. Henry said he would help her. Henry asked if her gummy bears were still next to her closet, implying that Henry has been in her bedroom before.

Charlotte called for Henry's help. Henry saved Charlotte by pushing Courtney out through the window. Season 2 Moments The Beat Goes On Henry saved Charlotte from the wireless video camera on the cake by telling her to move, and by blowing it up. Henry seemed concerned when Charlotte came to the ManCave, mind-warped. Henry put his hands on her shoulders to try to calm her down. He tried to akd her if she wanted to get some ice cream.

Charlotte grabbed Henry by the collar and headbutted him. Henry and Ray caught Charlotte after she faints. He and Ray helped her walk over to the couch. Henry and Ray made Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort hit themselves in the head with a frying pan 95 times, for revenge to what they did to Charlotte. Charlotte listens and gives him advice. He pulls Charlotte to sit down on the couch. He pulls her farther away from Piper so she can't hear. At the ceremony, Charlotte is talking to a group of friends but Henry pulls her away again so he can complain about Bianca.

When Ray said that Charlotte called Blake "super handsome", Henry looked annoyed and possibly jealous. Once again, Henry tells her about his girl problems and she provides a solution. In the Man Cave, she grabs Henry's wrist and slaps him twice with his own hand. She helps set up the dinner for Henry and Bianca.

henry danger charlotte and dating

Henry and the Woodpeckers Henry was worried about where Charlotte was. Charlotte looked embarrassed when Henry called her sweater 'disgusting'. On Vacation Every time they used the elevator, Henry and Charlotte were seen laughing and smiling at each other. Charlotte immediately called for Henry after Bork lifted her up and swung her back and forth. Henry told Bork that Charlotte wasn't a toy. Charlotte seemed annoyed every time Henry would repeat whatever was on the voicemail.

He promised to bring back sushi for her.

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Charlotte asked Henry to take notes for her since she'll be in an interview. When she got accepted the first time, Henry told her he was proud of her and they hugged. Henry tells Charlotte good luck on her interview because he thinks she gets in. When Oliver threw the avocado, Henry pushed Charlotte back so she wouldn't get hurt.

When Henry realized that Charlotte did not get in, he expressed his guilt about it. He said he was sure that she would get in. When Henry wakes up for the third time knowing he must relive the same bad day over again, he says, "This is for you, Charlotte. When Charlotte tells Henry she got in for the second time, he says he is proud of her and hugs her. P, they hug again. Secret Beef Charlotte and Henry look through criminals' records. Ray pushes Charlotte off the chair into Henry.

Charlotte yells to Jasper, "Why would he take you? He's my best friend! Henry's Jelly Henry and Charlotte are watching the police pursuit at school. Charlotte pulls Henry close and tells him to change into Kid Danger. Charlotte tells Henry that he's jealous of Jasper. While Charlotte pulls Henry close, he touched her hand. They stood close together when watching the Police Pursuit.

Christmas Danger Henry and Charlotte are decorating the Christmas tree. Charlotte tells Henry not to hang 2 gold balls together. Henry and Charlotte leave to see if Jasper is alright, just to get out of playing the handbells. Henry and Charlotte cheer on for Jasper when he commits Swellview's dumb laws. Charlotte tries to stop Henry from breaking laws. Henry and Charlotte are arrested and thrown in jail, along with Captain Man, Jasper, and a bald cellmate.

Charlotte joins in when Henry and Ray are singing Jingle Bells. Henry glanced at Charlotte a lot when she wasn't really paying attention.

Indestructible Henry, Part 1 Charlotte asked Schwoz how Henry would be after examining him for 20 minutes. Charlotte helps relocate his buttock. When Henry thanks the gang for relocating his buttock, Charlotte smiles at him.

Charlotte wishes that Henry was indestructible. Henry and Charlotte cringe at the video of the victims and their side-effects. When Henry is going to the Man Cave, he calls Charlotte to come with him. When Charlotte says no, he calls her again in frustration. Charlotte is afraid that Henry will turn out to be some mutant-freak and refuses to go with him, which shows that she cares about him.

Henry pulls the wagon Charlotte is sitting on so she would come with him. Charlotte refuses to sit next to Henry in science class if he has two arms growing out of his ears trying to poke him. When Henry calls her to come with him again, she refuses to the second time. Henry reassures Charlotte that he might be the greatest sidekick ever if the Densitizer works on him. Henry pulls the chair Charlotte is sitting on to the Room of Storage.

henry danger charlotte and dating

Charlotte still tries to change his mind, implying that she's scared for him. When Henry is in the Densitizer, Charlotte nudges Schwoz to turn it off. Charlotte askes Henry is he is alright. Charlotte checks his head for any bumps, then lifts his shirt for any side-effects.

Charlotte is really happy that Henry is indestructible and they both hug. Charlotte breaks an object over his head just for fun. Indestructible Henry, Part 2 After Henry exhales fire when laughing from a joke on the radio, the first person he chooses to contact is Charlotte. Charlotte answers Henry's video chat request while she is brushing her teeth. Charlotte shows concern for the side effect Henry has.

When Charlotte arrives and Henry is told that she is there, he rushes down stairs and ends up knocking his father so hard that he stumbles and drops and container full of marbles. Henry nudges Charlotte out the front door with his hand without saying anything, and Charlotte goes with it. Henry asks Charlotte to tickle his foot. She is initially opposed to doing so but gives in when he insists. When Henry laughs and starts to breathes fire after Charlotte tickles his foot, she begins to scream.

He quickly closes his mouth and looks down at Charlotte troubled by her reaction. Henry nudges Charlotte to hide in the bush. Henry and Charlotte travel together to Junk-N-Stuff. Charlotte vocally agrees with Henry when he explains to Schwoz and Ray that girls will regret going out with him when they see him shooting fire out of his mouth.

Charlotte suggests an idea for Ray to make Henry laugh which demonstrations that she knows what makes Henry laugh.

Henry high fives Charlotte Schwoz and Ray in celebration that the machine worked. Charlotte and Ray are stunned when Schwoz hits Henry with a vase that knocks Henry, what seems to be, unconscious. However, no one gets worried. Henry wants Charlotte to shoot himself transforming into Kid Danger, but she was afraid the video would get out. Charlotte and Henry both said 'Let's go ask him' and 'Jinx! You owe me a coconut! Charlotte and Henry start bickering with each other on their way to the elevator.

Henry and Charlotte start bickering again when they get off the elevator; Ray appears amused by them. Charlotte has reservations about shooting a video of Henry transforming into Kid Danger because of the video possibly getting out. Henry asked Charlotte why she always has to say no. Charlotte constantly asks Henry what's going on with Piper. Charlotte and Henry bumped into each other while they were eating popcorn. Charlotte and Henry bump into each other after helping get Piper off Jasper.

When Henry was on the porch, he needed to talk to Charlotte. He told Ray to move when he was talking to Charlotte. Henry asks Charlotte to delete the video from the Cloud. Charlotte leans on Henry while they watch the video she recorded on his phone.

Henry smiles and looks at Charlotte briefly. Opposite Universe Henry and Charlotte wanted to go to the concert that Piper had tickets for. They were both transported to another universe. Charlotte pulled aside Henry and asked him what was going on. Henry bent down to tell her what was happening. They were both disgusted by the Nostrilator. While Charlotte was wondering what was going on, Henry pulled Charlotte over the counter.

Then later, he apologized. Henry told Charlotte to make something up about the brownie recipe. When Henry asked her if he spelled 'brownies' right, he pulled her aside and told her that they are in an Opposite Universe. Charlotte pulled Henry aside and asked what an Opposite Universe is. When they got to the Man Cave, Henry told Charlotte to stay cool and act like you belong. Henry pushed Charlotte a little and forced her to say her brownie recipe, in order to distract Ray and Schwoz from killing Piper.

Charlotte was hesitating to press the button that would kill Piper because she did not know which finger to use, and Henry backed her up on her plan. When Charlotte was getting angry at Schwoz, he tried to stop her from getting into a fight. When they both got back to their universe, they looked at each other in relief. Grave Danger Henry and Charlotte were both laughing as they were walking out of the elevator.

They were both concerned about why Ray was behaving so strangely. When they wanted to talk to him, they both sat down next to each other. Henry wanted Charlotte to help him get the underwear off the walls, but she left him to do it himself. Henry told Charlotte to talk to Jasper.

When she throws the Walkie-talkie back to Henry, he constantly tells her that he does not want it back. Charlotte was worried when Henry and Ray weren't back from the graveyard. Henry texted Charlotte that they were on their way, making Charlotte seemed less nervous. Ox Pox Henry askes why Charlotte has to say no all the time. When Charlotte tries to get up after being hit by a Frisbee, she looks angrily at Henry for not caring if she was alright. When Henry can hear Ray clearly from Alaska, he looks back and smiles at Charlotte.

Charlotte was constantly teasing Henry about playing hide and seek with Jasper. When Charlotte askes if his hide and seek buddy Jasper was calling and Henry says yes, Charlotte is grining and smiling at him.

When Henry almost falls into the portal, Charlotte and Schwoz run to Henry and grab his leg. Charlotte yells at Henry to be careful when he almost falls in the portal. Charlotte askes Henry not to kill the bird, but when she is not looking, Henry grabs the gun and runs to the other room.

Twin Henrys Henry took the gun Charlotte had and shot the popcorn. Henry and Charlotte and Ray were confused when they saw 2 Schwozes. When Charlotte began to aim the gun at the 2 Schwozes, Henry backed away from her. Charlotte was annoyed at Henry when he kept saying 'Love It! When Charlotte asks about the royal blue glasses, Henry high-fives her, before leaving the Man Cave.

Riele Downs Wiki: Boyfriend, Relationship with Jace Norman, Height, Now

Then, Charlotte tells him he would lose that bet. As Jasper is measuring Charlotte's waist, Henry is smiling and laughing in the backround. When Charlotte glares at him, he giggles, "Tee-hee" at her. Charlotte says how he thinks he's so cute. When Charlotte calls Henry cute, he smiles and sticks his tongue out at her. Charlotte begins teasing Henry about a girl named Amy in science class.

Henry shows Charlotte the note he got form his locker. When Henry tells Charlotte how he only has one secret, he moves in closer to tell her. Charlotte and Henry both walk away when Ms. Shapen asks for help removing a dart from her shoulder. Henry and Charlotte were laughing as they walked into Henry's house it appeared to be late at night, so they were probably coming from work. They both questioned the fact that many adults had a tan in Henry's house.

Charlotte tells Henry to be on the lookout for anyone who might know his secret. When Charlotte asks for a sip of Henry's drink, he smiles at her and says no. Charlotte appears to look mad at his response assuming that when she does ask, he often says yes instead of no.