Bubba ray dudley and velvet sky dating

Current Wrestling Couples That Will Likely Last And Those That Probably Won't

bubba ray dudley and velvet sky dating

Velvet Sky On Possibly Working For WWE NXT, Dating Bubba Ray Dudley, Her TNA Departure. By Marc Middleton | May 31, Mark LoMonaco (born July 14, ) is an American radio talk show host and professional Mark Briscoe also turned on Ray, joining Jay in attacking him and Tommy Dreamer when Velvet Sky came to Bully Ray's aid during his attack. Before she began dating Bubba Ray Dudley, Velvet Sky used to be in a relationship with Chris Sabin. That ended up on a very sour note with.

And there is no doubt that many wrestlers do lead a similar lifestyle, especially on the road, but they may be smart enough to separate fun from a long term relationship. Here are 10 wrestlers who are dating way out of their league and 5 who could do better: Bray Wyatt via wwe.

Perhaps that is why he was willing to risk his marriage, as he had an affair with JoJo while on the road, which reportedly upset his wife enough to file for divorce.

bubba ray dudley and velvet sky dating

JoJo is clearly superior in the looks department, and that is easy for everyone to see. She could be doing much better in that area, although Wyatt being unfaithful to his wife also brings a lot of question marks about his character. But as of now they seem to be happy together although they have attempted to maintain a low profile for the time being, which may have something to do with the divorce and how their relationship began in the first place.

Bubba Ray Dudley

Jack Swagger via pinterest. Despite not generating fan interest, Swagger was on the receiving end of a huge push in the WWE - winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Money in the Bank as well as other impressive accolades.

bubba ray dudley and velvet sky dating

And as successful as he has been inside the ring, Swagger has replicated it with his love life as he has one of the finest WAGs by his side. Catalina was once training to be a WWE Diva although she never made it to the main roster. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she is clearly out of Swagger's league, but then again he brought in those huge WWE paychecks for several years, so perhaps it evens out at the end.

But of course there is no doubt that she is the one who gets all the attention. Alexa Bliss via reddit. While she still isn't quite to the level of say a Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks in the ring, she's arguably the best on the mic in the women's division and many would call her the best looking women's wrestler on the roster.

When you're thinking of the male wrestlers turning heads in the WWE, not many would think of Buddy Murphy first.

Velvet Sky Age 37 With WWE Now Though Despising The Idea? Update

Their love story is still quite surprising to many who hear of them being in a relationship and even being engaged. However, there have been questions as to when or if the couple will go through with the wedding, with Bliss's best friend Nia Jax even questioning whether Bliss wanted to go through with it.

When the group stage of the tournament concluded, Ray finished in the top four and thus advanced to the finals at No Surrender along with James Storm, Robert Roode and his Immortal stablemate, Gunner.

However, later in the event Roode managed to defeat Gunner via submission, which meant that he tied Ray's score to set up a tiebreaker match between the two. In the tiebreaker match, Ray was defeated by Roode via pinfall. Anderson in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardcore Justicewhere he defeated Sabin, following interference from Mr.

Styles in a five-on-five tag team match against the Main Event Mafia. Anderson, with Anderson disagreeing with Ray claiming he never needed Devon and bring Tito Ortiz into the stable without a group vote. Afterwards, Anderson attacked Ray and announced that he would be his challenger at No Surrender.

Wrestlers are just like the rest of us, and relationships sometimes don't last as long as we had hoped for originally. Wrestling couples especially WWE formed couples can be referred to as being "power couples" simply because each spouse is earning a hefty sum of money each year.

Bubba Ray & Velvet Sky Real Life

However, "all the money in the world" sometimes isn't enough to keep two people together, and considering history has a way of repeating itself, many of today's wrestling couples probably won't last. Though that's not to say that no wrestling couples will last as some definitely will based on stronger foundations and better relationshipsbut there's certainly some obvious choices for current wrestling couples that will eventually split-up down the line.

Stay tuned, as we divulge 8 current wrestling couples that will likely last, and 7 that probably won't. Cody And Brandi Rhodes via wrestling On the other hand, I'm sure almost every single one of you knows exactly who Cody Rhodes is and was, and he used to perform for WWE as simply Cody Rhodes, or his final character - Stardust. As you're probably aware, the whole "Stardust" angle was plain awful after a short period of time following its introduction, and it completely killed any possible chance of Cody becoming a big star - no one including the WWE itself was going to take Rhodes as a serious threat for any championship with that limited shtick.

Bubba Ray Accuses Velvet Sky of Being 'Stiff' in the Bed

However, the company refused to let Cody go back to his normal character portrayal hence why he left to begin with. Considering Cody and Brandi are doing well for themselves and seem to have solid foundations, I expect this wrestling couple to last.

bubba ray dudley and velvet sky dating

Though Velvet Sky has since retired from professional wrestling to pursue finishing off a college degree, the 46 year old Bubba Ray Dudley is still wrestling to this day in Ring Of Honor and on the Indies. Bubba has been apart of the wrestling industry for what seems like an eternity, and he's had successes as both a tag team and singles competitor. However, as I'm sure most of you'd agree, The Dudley Boyz' return to WWE a couple years ago was a complete flop by all stretches, and the talented duo were completely misused, mistreated and horribly booked to say the least.

Although it looks as if Bubba Ray and Velvet Sky are currently "on the same page" so to speak, I highly doubt this relationship will last all too long - especially considering Bubba's a whole decade older than Sky. Magnus And Mickie James via youtube.