Are alicia fox and wade barrett dating again

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Punk and Lita were reportedly dating back in The couple were .. Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox were a WWE couple that just made sense. It's not even March and Alicia Fox has missed out on some massive dates. “Now that I'm back on the market and have been bamboozled by a #basic Fox used to date former WWE Superstar, Wade Barrett, but he's. Alicia Fox is an underrated talent in the women's division, we know that you knowing that her ex-boyfriend was the man mountain Wade Barrett. A few years back she was a relative unknown who wasn't able to stand out.

Recent evidence has suggested that the two have broken up, with Carmella deleting all of their pictures together off of her social media accounts. Either way, it seems as if Carmella is back to being a single pringle. If social media is to be believed then she is currently single, which may be the best thing for her as she continues to cement herself as one of the greatest female superstars in the history of professional wrestling.

That includes me, you, and the Bulgarian Brute also known as her husband, Rusev. Many fans know that she was previously in a relationship with Enzo Amore, which supposedly ended due to rumours of him cheating.

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Now, she seems to have moved on to former WWE UK champion Tyler Bate, with the two exchanging numerous flirty tweets over the last few months. Yes, that is how these kinds of things begin in the 21st century. Naomi is amazing, and Naomi is the queen of the glow. She also happens to be in one of the most entertaining relationships going in WWE right now with Jimmy Uso. Say what you will about her move set, but Naomi just keeps getting better.

The two have been together for as long as we can remember, and for the most part, it seems as if they make each other better in every conceivable way.

Alicia Fox confronts her ex-boyfriend, Bad News Barrett: Total Divas, February 15, 2015

Perhaps she needs a man in her life to liven things up a bit. Then again, we could be completely off base. The WWE ring announcer had been promoted from FCW where they company decided to allow her to be an announcer rather than a wrestler. The couple dated for a few years before they finally married in September Layla had left the company a few months prior to their departure.

She was once considered to be the future of the Women's Division when she was first promoted to the main roster back inbut this later came to nothing. The duo's relationship was recently revealed when a string of personal videos were released to the WWE Universe.

WWE's Alicia Fox Announces She's Single

The couple became engaged late last year following Paige's WWE suspension for failing the Wellness Policy test and finally married on March 29th this year in what has been referred to as a shotgun ceremony. It was revealed earlier this week that Ryder and Emma are officially over now since Ryder is reportedly dating former Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green. Their relationship was seemingly perfect until they were said to have been on a break back in Melina and Batista's affair then came to light and it was reported that this took place while the couple were not officially together.

The affair had a huge impact on Batista's marriage and it affected Melina and Morrison so much that he moved on and began dating Kelly Kelly before Melina left the company.

are alicia fox and wade barrett dating again

It was reported that just before her departure, the couple were back together and performed together most recently on an episode of Lucha Underground.

Test later moved on to date Stacy Keibler, who was known to the WWE Universe as the woman with the longest legs in the company.

are alicia fox and wade barrett dating again

The couple didn't stay together long, and Stacy didn't remain in WWE for very much longer either. She went on to appear on Dancing with the Stars back in and attempted to make a name for herself outside of the company.

Something that she definitely achieved when it was made public knowledge that she was dating Hollywood star George Clooney.

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Stacy and George looked like the perfect couple for a while, but like many of her previous relationships, this one didn't last. Orton was married to Samantha Speno from until before it was made apparent that Orton was cheating on her and their marriage ended in divorce.

are alicia fox and wade barrett dating again

Despite how much he often shoots on Kelly Kelly in WWE interviews in relation to the number of wrestlers she ended up dating while she was part of the WWE, it has become public knowledge that Orton was one of those guys that the former Divas Champion dated. He was seemingly sour about the break-up. Orton went on to date WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman before he married his second wife Kim Marie Kessler back in before they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Brooklyn Rose back in As a couple both on-screen and off they had their problems, but they were still one of the most recognizable pairings in WWE at that time.

Their on-screen romance led to an off-screen one and the couple finally married in Their marriage didn't last as long as many of the WWE Universe expected when they filed for divorce injust six years later. The couple were both released by WCW in but remained together as a couple and even lived together up until Elizabeth's death in