Alexander ludwig and katheryn winnick dating

Katheryn Winnick Married, Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth

alexander ludwig and katheryn winnick dating

Our Vikings season 3 interview with Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig from Comic-Con talking about love triangles, being in a position. Alexander Ludwig: Ah fuck, you Standen: Clive Standen: Katheryn [ Winnick, who plays Lagertha] grows them better than you. 'We have a strong bond': Vikings actress Katheryn Winnick reveals she's close to on-screen son Alexander Ludwig as she admits she's had.

So, the fans are curious to know if she is dating and what about her relationship status? Or Is She Single? Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick has kept her relationship issues low line, and currently, no reports of her boyfriend are out.

alexander ludwig and katheryn winnick dating

It might come as a shock for many as Winnick is the dream girl for many men out there. She is gorgeous and has a massive fan following.

alexander ludwig and katheryn winnick dating

Currently, she is reportedly single and is living her life as a single independent woman. A post shared by Katheryn Winnick katherynwinnick on Jul 21, at 1: Meanwhile, there are rumors that she is currently dating her Vikings co-star Travis Fimmelbut neither of them has spoken out about it.

A post shared by Katheryn Winnick katherynwinnick on Jul 19, at 6: Nonetheless, she is currently single, and neither is married nor has any children to date.

Vikings SDCC 2016: Will Lagertha and Ragnar reunite?

After meeting up in the set, the two became friends and not only in the series, their close bond worked out in real life too. Katheryn revealed that she and Alexander are good friends and even more, they go out together for dinner and drinks too.

Alexander Ludwig's girlfriend

With King Ragnar not necessarily being there and present as a king should be, and with Queen Aslaug running the show and not necessarily running it the proper way or the strongest way as a ruler to help the people. And I think for her, her dream was obviously to expand two different territories and also make Kattegat one of the largest trading centers.

On filming the long anticipated reunion scene between Ragnar Travis Fimmel and Lagertha: On whether a recent flashback of Ragnar looking back on his family days with Lagertha was about regret: That fits in the matter of him taking mushrooms with his slave or not wanting to be king and him not necessarily being a good father or a good ruler.

alexander ludwig and katheryn winnick dating

So that scene that we reshot, we remember going back and putting on the clothes from the previous seasons and we ended up having to recast my daughter, because since then, she became this gorgeous teenager, so we needed someone that was all same height and she was in the back, but that scene was really beautiful because even though he may not necessarily be able to be the man or go back in time to be that Ragnar, the husband that he wants to be in his mind, in his thoughts, in his dreams, he has a beautiful thinking that he cherishes that moment, and I know Lagertha does to, and Ragnar was her true love, and probably will always be.

On the coming clash between Lagertha and Aslaug: I wish I could actually give away more, but it was a great scene to shoot.

Alexander Ludwig’s girlfriend

Lagertha felt that she needed to take Kattegat and really try to get control back. Kattegat is being run so badly and [there has]been a lot of problems with Kattegat, like people have been dying, things are not being run in a proper way as it should be, and she feels that she is doing the right thing by reclaiming it, because nobody would rule it better than she does, because she truly cares about her people. And so we had this great scene with Alyssa Sutherland who plays Aslaug and she is fantastic in it, and it was great to finally get face to face with her and Aslaug and Lagertha together.